My Scratch Paper is a preservation of the owner’s train of thought all over places whether in the middle of a long train ride, in a rustic shop with a cup of coffee nearby, a street corner filled with busy passers-by or in a serene beach where the sun greets the water; a moment of tranquility where musings, discoveries and adventures come to mind – safe haven.


There is no better way to preserve memories, ideas and feelings than to write. Words are as powerful as actions to me given the proper usage and timing. Whether in serenity or uncertainty, I seek for a pen and paper. Else, a book. There’s comfort knowing I can bring pieces of home with me. My Scratch Paper contains aspirations and inspiration I pick up from books, people, things and places.


“Feed your mind with curiosity” has been my mantra for quite some time. Generation-Y is all about continuous development which is why I take time to learn and to discover new things out there. My Scratch paper features my search for stuff I find interesting somehow.


“Go the extra mile” is my theme of the year motivating me to be courageous in stepping out of my comfort zone, opening new doors and recreating myself. My Scratch Paper includes random and planned travels to places in response to our body’s need for adventure.