For budding women who give themselves a hard time

Dear You,

This is a long overdue acknowledgement because it’s about time. You’ve been courageous every time you stand up so quickly for every downfall. Time and time again you choose to stay afloat for the person you’re trying to become. You’ve been flexible for all the times the world tried to bend you. Even during the times when challenges seemed impossible to bear, you remain true to yourself.

You recognize reality as it is. You never cease to work your way around stops, detours and bumps along the highway of life. Your pace may be inconsistent, slow or fast or unsteady at times but you keep on moving forward. That’s what it’s all about.

You’re definitely wiser now. You won’t admit it to yourself but you know it. You think and walk in light of the better ways and things you’re now aware of and you’re now equipped of. You do things your way not only because you can but also you believe you’re entitled to. You trust yourself enough.

You’ve been working hard in all aspects of your life. No one can attest to that more than you can. People may or may not notice. People may not say things but most definitely will. No matter what it’s how you see yourself that counts.

It’s time to see that your toughest critic is you. It’s time to hear that the harshest of voices can come from within. It’s time to put the battle at ease for a little while to appreciate the progress. You’ve been good. You’re stronger now. You live it. You feel it.

It’s about time for you to say it. It’s about time to stare back at yourself in the mirror and say: “I’m proud of you.” How long can you go on and on in describing goodness and love before you mention yourself?

I know it’s been hard.

You will never stop growing.

You’re getting there slowly but surely.


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