10 things to live by software developers/analysts

I am no engineer. I came from the quiet life of being a sole developer turning requirements into life with hardly any human interactions. It’s a world of resourcefulness where formulating solutions seems like a never-ending chain of discoveries. The best part has always been “cracking the code” in your own style especially after hours of nerve-racking trials and errors.

This world can get pretty exclusive, though. Until some point when I decided to step out of my comfort zone to challenge myself some more. Hence, the following:

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My most intensifying voting experience, yet.

It felt like the hardest test I ever had to take. It’s a single vote – my vote that can dictate what kind of future I and all Filipinos will be living in. I am no first-time voter but at the age of 24 and having to exist in the corporate world, let alone, living in the Metro for almost 4 years now, staring at my unaccomplished ballot felt like forever.

I did my research a week before before Election Day. I wanted a justified and a reasonable vote for myself. I chose to be mum about my options most especially in social media. I listened as much as I could to different views of my fellow citizens and tax payers. I read from reliable sources alone. I dodged electoral arguments with anyone.

“I will just vote than tell.” I said.

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